February 2020

February 2020


Edward N. Digges, MD
[BC] Otolaryngology
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi, Founders Circle
OFF: 613-4680
FAX: 613-4940
1947 Founders Circle, 67206
NPI: 1093731150
Medical education obtained at Wake Forest Univ 8/1996-5/2000. Internship in General Surgery at Univ of Nebraska 7/2000-6/2001. Residency in Otolaryngology at Univ of Nebraska 7/2001-6/2005. Non-accredited Fellowship in Otolaryngology at Silverstein Institute 7/2005-6/2006.

Shubika G. D’Souza, MD
[BC] Pediatric
Pediatrix Medical Group
OFF: 962-8550
FAX: 962-8581
550 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 1144644303
Medical education obtained at Samaj Medical College 7/2005-5/2011. Residency in Pediatrics at Monmouth MC 7/2013-6/2016. Fellowship in Neonatology at Tampa General Hospital 7/2016-6/2019.

Darsham Y. Gonzalez, MD
[BC] Internal Medicine
Hunter Health Clinic
OFF: 262-2415
FAX: 264-4734
527 N Grove St, 67214
NPI: 1235346115
Medical education obtained at Case Western Reserve Univ. 7/01/2001-5/15/2005. Residency in Internal Medicine at Metro Health Medical Center 7/01/2005-6/30/2008.

Melissa Jefferson, MD
[BC] Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
KUSM- Wichita Pediatrics
OFF: 962-2080
FAX: 962-2079
3243 E Murdock S-500, 67208
NPI: 1972710135
Medical education obtained at Michigan State Univ 7/1998-8/2002. Residency in Pediatrics at Univ of Texas at San Antonio 7/2002-6/2005. Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 7/2006-6/2009.

Diana M. Leitner, MD
[BC] Ophthalmology,
[F*] Vitreo Retinal
Grene Vision Group
OFF: 684-5158
FAX: 681-1005
655 N Woodlawn, 67208
NPI: 1043572613
Medical education obtained at KUSM- KC 8/2008-5/2012. Internship in Preliminary Medicine at KUSM-Wichita 7/2012-6/2013. Residency in Ophthalmology at Geisinger MC 7/2013-6/2016. Fellowship in Medical Retina at Duke MC. Non-accredited Fellowship in Vitreo Retinal at Cleveland Clinic Akron General MC 7/2017-6/2019.

Shean R. McKnight, MD
[BC] Psychiatry
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Psychiatry
OFF: 858-0550
FAX: 858-0596
1515 S Clifton S-300, 67207
NPI: 1740577824
Medical education obtained at American Univ of the Caribbean 5/1/2007-12/10/2010. Internship in Psychiatry at KUSM 7/1/2011-6/30/2012. Residency in Psychiatry at KUSM 7/1/2012-6/30/2015.

Michael S. Morrow, DO
[BC] Diagnostic Radiology
Kansas Imaging Consultants, PA
OFF: 689-5050
FAX: 689-6192
3600 E Harry, 67218
NPI: 1598745721
Medical education obtained at Oklahoma State Univ 8/1999-5/2003. Internship in Family Medicine at St. Anthony’s Hospital 6/2003-6/2004. Residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Baystate Medical Center 7/2013-6/2017. Fellowship in Breast Imaging at Univ of Massachusetts Medical School 7/2017-6/2018.

Jessica D. Paxson, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Integrity Medicine, LLC
OFF: 283-6655
FAX: 283-3199
715 Medical Center Dr S-200, 67114
NPI: 1720436215
Medical education obtained at Univ of Kansas –Kansas City 7/2012-5/2016. Residency in Family Medicine at Wesley Family Practice 7/2016-7/2019.

Tessa E. Rohrberg, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Wesley Family Medicine Center
OFF: 962-3070
FAX: 962-3136
850 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 1295097681
Medical education obtained at KUSM-Wichita 8/2008-5/2012. Residency in Family Medicine at Wesley Medical Center 7/2012-6/2015.

Yvonne L. Saunders-Teigeler, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
North Amidon Family Physicians
OFF: 838-8585
FAX: 838-6222
3443 N Amidon, 67204
NPI: 1477534030
Medical education obtained at St. George’s Univ 9/1994-12/1997. Residency in Family Medicine at Southern Illinois Univ 7/1998-6/2001

Jeffrey K. Wingate, MD
[BC] Orthopedic Surgery
[F-A] Orthopedic Spine Surgery
Mid-America Orthopedics
OFF: 630-9300
FAX: 262-4887
1923 N Webb Rd, 67206
NPI: 1235117524
Medical education obtained at Univ of South Carolina School of Medicine 8/1986-5/1990. Internship in General Surgery at Medical Univ of South Carolina 7/1990-6/1992. Residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Medical Univ of South Carolina 7/1992-6/1996. Non-accredited Fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery of the Spine at Southeastern Spine Institute 7/1996-6/1997.


Michelle R. Brown, MD
Medical Director at Essential Health and Wellness
OFF: 425-3337
FAX: 425-3799
1001 N Buckner St, Derby 67037
NPI: 179012875

Douglas P. Lewis, MD
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Spirit
OFF: 613-5800
FAX: 768-8000
990 S George Washington Blvd, 67211
NPI: 1558366641

Cynthia I. Nash, MD
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi St Francis
Family Medicine
OFF: 858-3460
FAX: 858-3458
707 N Emporia, 67214
NPI: 1124143409