Meek Young Physician Award

Meek Young Physician Award

Dr. Joseph Meek

An annual award to recognize and encourage emerging physician leaders in WichitaSedgwick County by financially supporting their participation in local, state and national leadership activities.

The award is named to honor Joseph Meek, MD and his leadership promoting organized medicine in Wichita and in Kansas. Dr. Meek was the fourth dean of the KU School of Medicine-Wichita and received the University of Kansas Distinguished Service Medallion in

He served as MSSC president in 1996 and president of the Kansas Medical Society in 2000-01. Dr. Meek also represented Kansas physicians as a delegate to the American Medical Association for 20 years.

This award is intended to foster leadership within the cadre of young physicians practicing medicine in Wichita-Sedgwick County and to develop future MSSC leaders. For young physicians, the award provides the opportunity to augment their leadership potential and the financial support to participate in leadership activities of their choice.

Financial assistance will be provided for the award recipient to attend various leadership events, such as either the American Medical Association Advocacy Conference (Washington, DC) or the AMA Annual Convention.

2024 – Holly Allen Terrell, MD
2023 – Colleen Loo-Gross, MD
2022 – Cassie Scripter, MD
2021 – Larry Mitnaul, MD
2020 – Jennifer Thuener, MD
2019 – Katie Rosell, MD
2018 – Braden Foster, DO
2017 – John Gallagher, MD
2016 – Zachary Kuhlmann, DO
2015 – Bradley Dart, MD
2014 – Gretchen Dickson, MD


Nominated by a member of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County.

Practicing physician aged 40 years or younger.

Possess a desire to lead and develop the necessary leadership skills.

Possess a willingness to share these skills with the local and state medical community.

Cite one or more examples of demonstrated leadership capabilities, experiences or potential (can include activities during medical school, residency or fellowship).