MPR celebrates its 10th anniversary of physician services

MPR celebrates its 10th anniversary of physician services

Medical Provider Resources (MPR) opened its doors in 2011, well-versed in providing physician verification services with a long history of excellence in staff credentialing expertise. Today, as it celebrates its 10th year in business, MPR has grown exponentially with new services and robust Midwest enrollment.

Vicki Bond

“It’s been a joy in my professional career to develop and lead MPR for the past 10 years,” CEO Vicki Bond said. “We started with less than 10 employees and we are now 26 dedicated professionals who are talented in credentialing.”

In addition to its foundational verification services, MPR today specializes in processing applications for every type of insurance enrollment, a process that often frustrates physician practices and can dig into a physician’s bottom line.

Many physician practices are enrolled in at least a half-dozen commercial plans, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Aetna, ProviDRs Care Network and Health Partners of Kansas. Then there are the federal plans including Medicare, the Kansas Medical Assistance Program and KanCare.

It’s all a part of the organization’s growth strategy to create efficient and relevant physician services, Bond said.

“It’s been 10 years of expansion,” she said. “Ten years ago we saw the value in developing a centralized process to eliminate the need for physicians to complete multiple hospital applications. Since then, we have deepened the efficiency of gathering data once and repurposing that data to include provider (insurance) enrollment. It’s exciting to find new ways of using the data and growing efficiency.”

MPR, for example, recently began expanding into academic credentialing when the new College of Osteopathic Medicine came to Wichita. “We have the data they needed for faculty credentialing in our database already,” Bond said. “We were able to expand into that service line of academic credentialing rather quickly.”

MPR’s leaders say the organization’s goal is to make credentialing and processes as painless as possible, going beyond enrollments and re-enrollments and keeping an eye on everything from license expiration to DEA renewals. MPR also keeps tracks of all CMEs and clinical privileges.

Dr. Jackson
Dr. Kellerman

“With several hospitals in our area, credentialing can become overwhelming for the physician,” said board Chairwoman Jennifer Jackson, MD. “MPR has served the medical community by providing this incredible one-stop shop for credentialing, which decreases physician and staff time when applying for privileges.”

MPR, which was formed by the Medical Society of Sedgwick County 10 years ago, has grown to provide services to more than 130 facilities in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Wyoming, becoming one of the largest credentialing services in the nation, board member Rick Kellerman, MD, said.
More is yet to come. “I look forward to leading the company into new markets,” Bond said.